MISC-Lab Living Principles

MISCellaneous Living Principles

Since much of our everyday's lives is spent in the Lab, we must set the standards and principles that we value and live by. These are:

  1. To foster a collegiate, comradeship atmosphere where everybody's opinion is respected, and a free exchange of ideas, learning from each other, and mutual help are encouraged;

  2. To foster a creative atmosphere where non-mainstream and highly original approach to research is sought after, and bold and independent thinking is emphasized;

  3. To foster an atmosphere of academic rigor where the high quality research is only acceptable;

  4. To foster a fun atmosphere where the research challenges and struggles are met with a smile on the face.

Prospective graduate students could find it beneficial to become familiar with my Advisor's Expectations as an essential "Truth of On-Boarding" primer for our research group.

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