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Most Interesting/Important/Intriguing Science is Controversial/Courageous/Counterintuitive

We follow the Niels Bohr's Principle of Radical Conservatism: "Be conservative by sticking to well-established physical principles, but probe them by exposing their most radical conclusions"

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"We must remember three things," he said to them. "I will tell them to you in the order of their importance. Number one and first in importance, we must have as much fun as we can with what we have. Number two, we must eat as well as we can, because if we don't we won't have the health and strength to have as much fun as we might. And number three and third and last in importance, we must keep the house reasonably in order, wash the dishes, and such things. But we will not let the last interfere with the other two." ... from "About Ed Ricketts" by John Steinbeck

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